Hikari Mitsushima Takes Role as New Koh Gen Do Global Ambassador

As a company based in the creation of natural cosmetics, Koh Gen Do Co., Ltd (Koh Gen Do, headquarters: Minato City, Tokyo) has chosen actress, Hikari Mitsushima, who is a long time regular user of the products, as its new global ambassador, and has released the visual promotional material for its campaign concept, “Beauty. Begins now.”

This campaign shows Hikari Mitsushima wearing Moisture Foundation (retail sales will roll out worldwide with 11 countries starting September 2nd) that gives a finish that’s almost like the skin you were born with; she freely expresses beauty without boundaries through her irresistibly charming expressions.

Hikari Mitsushima first encountered Koh Gen Do’s products when she was 19 years old. She explains how when first coming to Tokyo, her skin was affected by the unfamiliar lifestyle. That is when Koh Gen Do “became the savior of my skin.” From then on, she became a regular user of Koh Gen Do products.

The Hikari Mitsushima project! Campaign concept

“Beauty. Begins now.”

People are happy when they see something beautiful –

Hikari Mitsushima expresses her unrestricted natural beauty and feelings, to reflect on the essence of beauty. Together with the slogan, “Beauty. Begins now.” which she came up with herself, describes the beginning of a new form of beauty. Rather than using words to describe the product, visuals demonstrate the new beauty in a free, multi-layered way. Through Hikari Mitsushima’s charming, rich facial expressions and along with drawings based on her love for Koh Gen Do’s Moisture Foundation, of which she is a regular user.

Koh Gen Do’s iconic product, “Moisture Foundation” was made with carefully selected ingredients for skin and made with a time-consuming emulsification method. This has supported women with skin concerns since its creation in 1989, providing smoothness to your skin almost like a newborn’s.

This year, 2019 is the 30th year of its sales. In today’s modern society with its ever-accelerating complexity, we don’t want you to think twice about looking beautiful, your age, fashion, or anybody else’s values. We want you to feel and express freely. With this in mind, we announce our new Moisture Foundation, to provide you with a beauty that moves forward with you.

Hikari Mitsushima’s comment on the new product

“I am impressed that this great product has evolved even more. A healthy power resides within this foundation!”

Visit the Koh Gen Do Japan special site (Japanese) : https://www.kohgendo.com/brand/mfd/

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