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  • Gentle & Moisturizing
  • Soft and Supple skin
  • Creamy Makeup Remover
  • No artificial colors, fragrance, petroleum based mineral oil, parabenor alcohol.
  • Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Skin Care


ORIENTAL PLANTS. Created through the long years of Facial Treatment research, harnessing the power of the 36 Asian Botanical Extracts to awaken the ‘Gono’ of the skin to restore Softness, Smoothness, Luster, Firmness and Elasticity.

Gentle Cream to Oil Cleanser

An essential step in your nighttime skincare ritual, this deeply moisturizing cleanser erases stubborn makeup and pore impurities. Unlike many oil cleansers that contain harsh solvents, this gentle formula won’t disrupt sensitive skin. Enriched with 36 botanical extracts and moisturizing oils, this luxurious cleansing cream melts on contact with skin to instantly dissolve makeup and pore build-up. By softening the top layer of dry skin, Oriental Plants Cleansing Cream helps increase product penetration while improving skin luster and smoothness.


Usage Directions

Release Facial Tension while Removing Makeup with a 90 Second Massage
1. Squeeze a nickel size amount of Cleansing Cream onto dry hands
2. Apply on four areas of the face: Cheeks, Forehead, Nose and Chin. Blending well and evenly on entire face is a tip for perfect cleansing.
3. Gently blend and melt any excess cream in palm with both hands.
4. Begin from the chin where roughness is often experienced, by massaging with your fingertips in a small circular motion.
5. Continue gently in a circular motion to the cheek area and finish at the forehead. Use the wider area of your palm to massage the cheeks. Blend and massage until the cream melts into skin leaving a slippery texture. Blot excess off with tissue and rinse with warm water.
Skin Care Tip: Maintain an upward circular motion during the massage.



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