Product details of Koh Gen Do ORIENTAL PLANTS ESSENCE 30ML

  • Hydrating Booster after facial wash
  • Anti-aging: firmness and elasticity
  • Contains 40% GonoExtracts (Koh Gen Do’s original blend of 36 botanical extracts for Five Inherent Functions)
  • No artificial colors, fragrance, petroleum based mineral oil, paraben or alcohol
  • Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Skin Care


ORIENTAL PLANTS. Created through the long years of Facial Treatment research, harnessing the power of the 36 Asian Botanical Extracts to awaken the ‘Gono’ of the skin to restore Softness, Smoothness, Luster, Firmness and Elasticity.

Anti-Aging Skin Quencher

Like a cool sip of water for your skin, this lightweight serum delivers intense moisture to the complexion—an essential step in reducing signs of aging and promoting skin health. Packed with 36 botanical extracts plus essential amino acids and ceramides, this anti-aging hydrator boosts the skin’s natural reparative properties. Ideal for sensitive, depleted and aging skin types, Oriental Plants Essence helps skin function at its optimum levels for a firmer, softer, plumper looking complexion.

Usage Directions

Beauty Serum that Starts the Hydration Process
1. Dispense an appropriate amount (3 pumps) on your palm and apply to the four areas of the face: Cheeks, Forehead, Nose and Chin.
2. Use all fingers to gently spread on your face starting at your chin and moving up to the forehead. For the delicate eye area, carefully press the Essence with your fingertips for application.
3. Cup both hands while gently pressing the Essence into the skin delivering moisture deep within the skin’s layers until completely absorbed.


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