• Non-sticky liquid
  • Liquid like water 【Normal Skin】
  • No artificial colors, fragrance, petroleum based mineral oil, paraben or alcohol.
  • Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Skin Care


ORIENTAL PLANTS. Created through the long years of Facial Treatment research, harnessing the power of the 36 Asian Botanical Extracts to awaken the ‘Gono’ of the skin to restore Softness, Smoothness, Luster, Firmness and Elasticity.

Hydrate and Restore Skin Balance

As lightweight and gentle as pure water, this deeply hydrating lotion instantly sinks deep down into the skin to moisturize and replenish the health and radiance of your complexion. This hydrating liquid is infused with our Gono Extract—a potent blend of 36 plant-powered ingredients—to improve elasticity, tone, and texture. Time-released moisturizers plump and quench dehydrated skin, leaving it moist, soft, and glowing.

Usage Directions

Soft, Plump Skin comes from Proper Hydration
For optimum absorption of liquid lotion, apply a conservative amount of product initially and repeat as needed.
1. Pour a suitable amount of product in a cupped palm.
2. Then transfer evenly to both hands to apply.
3. Envelope the skin with the lotion and gently massage the entire face in a circular motion.
4. Cup face with hands and gently press liquid lotion into skin to maximize delivery into skin.
Skin Care Tip: Apply onto neck and decollete



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