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  • Smooth clear skin in an instant
  • Exfoliant made with hot spring water that cares for the skin
  • Caring for mature skin
  • Gel formulation that can also be used in while in the bathroom
  • No artificial colors, fragrance, petroleum-based mineral oil, paraben, or alcohol
  • Koh Gen Do SPA Series


SPA Series. An easy to use Skincare Series formulated with our “Spa Blend Water” of deep thermal water and extracts derived from natural herbs that conditions the skin to be supple and translucent.

Exfoliate, Soften and Brighten

Add this to your ritual in the shower! Brighten, buff and gently resurface skin without irritation with this new exfoliating gel that uses four types of fermented fruit extracts to dissolve dead skin cells and rough patches. The lightweight, alcohol-free formula moisturizes and softens dry skin build-up, forming soft rubbery spheres that buff away dullness. A soothing blend of natural mineral water and hyaluronic acid quenches skin while the gommage stimulates cell turnover and removes pore impurities. Applied to dry or wet skin, this gentle exfoliator softens, smooths and brightens the face, chest and anywhere on your body after just one use.



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