Getting Ready!

At 7AM, Derrick starts preparing the makeup table surrounded by the crew getting ready for the shoot. With his favorite collection of brushes, Koh Gen Do’s makeup products were all lined up. Derrick prefers to set up his makeup table by himself without any assistant. There were new Koh Gen Do’s product he hadn’t used which provided him with more inspirations on what looks he could create.

1st Cut

The first location for the shoot was at a traditional Japanese house built in the 1930s by a carpenter specializing in temples and shrines. Derrick was interested in the beautiful Japanese architecture and garden. At the shoot, he checked the monitor many times to see if the model’s hair and makeup looked perfect.
Chiyuki had beautiful flowers on her head and in her hands as Derrick directed and she looked like a princess who appeared out of a fairytale.

2nd Cut

The 2nd cut perfectly showed the fusion of traditional Japanese beauty and an artistic flair with hair and makeup. The model stood in the middle of the beautiful Japanese garden wearing an embroidered mini dress with a traditional Uchikake -a Japanese kimono for weddings.

3rd Cut

The last cut was something Derrick strongly desired to shoot in Japan. The location was at one of the famous shrines in Tokyo, called “Nezu shrine” and the focus was a gorgeous dress made by students from Bunka Fashion College. Derrick was loving the whole look and the photos were amazing. Completing the shoot with dusk coming upon us made for a magical finale!

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