Favorite Items

Sophisticated and elegant looks begins with skin treated and primed for makeup.
Here are some of Derrick’s favorites!

“I use the T3 oil twice a day,
every single day (morning and night), … to fight those winkles.”

Macro Vintage T3 Premium Oil – 30mL

Multi-purpose beauty oil for that irresistible glow. 6 botanical oils are blended to create a light-weight water-like oil that spreads and absorbs easily, giving your skin a luster like silk and softness like cashmere.

“I love the MV sheet mask.I use that a lot. I put it on my bed and fall asleep and wakeup with the mask on my face in the middle of the night and by then, it’s dry. So I take it off and rub in the essence and go back to sleep.”


Macro Vintage Essence Mask (Face Mask) – 24mL x 6 sheets

Treats irritated, dry skin and for those who experience poor foundation finishes. Containing one bottle (24mL) of our serum to treat the stratum corneum of the skin, giving it a radiant glow with softness and a healthy plumpness.

“I love the MV Massage Milk.” Many Celebrities are a fan of this product!

Macro Vintage Royal Massage Milk – 140mL

A massage milk that treats skin quickly with a rich milky glide, providing hydration, plumpness and a silky glow.

Must haves on set…

We asked what his most used products on set, and they were our top 3 popular products in Japan. Especially the Cleansing Water is the first item used up!

Maifanshi Moisture Foundation


Maifanshi Aqua


Cleansing Water


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